GENTLE TOUCH HOMECARE - Professional Homecare with a Gentle Touch!
Is your family member unable to perform the tasks of daily living or need in-home care due to an accident or illness? Is this person mobility-impaired or homebound, recovering from a stroke, heart attack, dialysis or chemotherapy treatment?
If you are unable to provide your family member with the care and company they need day-to-day, you can count on  a Gentle Touch Home Care Certified Nursing Assistant or Personal Care Giver will be there to help your loved one.
We provide the care and assistance that enables our clients to remain at home. Those who must temporarily go into a care facility or hospital will be comforted with the familiar, friendly face of a Gentle Touch Home Care aide when they return home.
We believe that the relationship that a client has with his or her care provider is important for overall emotional well-being and when this is established, we see recovery time reduced.
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